A Sea Change is happening!


Yep we're doing the Sea Change thing and taking the factory to Wyong.  But our phone number is going to stay the same!

The factory will reopen at our new premises on January 14th 2019.

Welcome to MAX Alloy!

If you are looking for a 100%, guaranteed AUSTRALIAN made tray or other alloy accessory for your vehicle, then RIGHT HERE is the place!

We not only build all our products right here but we also source our materials from Oz manufacturers as well, and that means you're getting genuine Australian Aluminium products put together by Australians!

So support your country and the Australian workers - buy your Aluminium Alloy Accessories for Trades and recreational vehicles from MAX Alloy!

We specialise in Deluxe Custom Alloy Trays, Ladder Racks, Sportsbars, Security Lids and accessories.

Call MAX: 02 9756 2396

No worries, we can help you!

Made in Australia!

We build all our products right here at Wetherill Park.  You can spec what options you want, even ones we haven't thought of, and then you can even watch your new tray or rack being built!  It's your project using our skill!  And you can rest in the knowledge that if you damage it, we can fix it.  Yep, that's right.  All our trays and racks are repairable so it's not a buy and forget process.

Got an idea?

There are a lot of options we have available for your new rack or tray but we're not you, so if you want something special fitted or designed ask us.  It's because we're small, family company that we are adaptable so we don't have to wait for an accountants approval to make a modification.  Put us to the test!  If we can't do it we can certainly suggest someone who can.

20 years!


Hard to believe but we've been building aluminium automotive accessories for more than 20 years! But then when you love what you do and see the smile on the customers face then why wouldn't you be around for 20 years or more?  So here's to us here at MAX Alloy and to many a job well done!