About MAX Alloy

Way back in 2006 we had been around 11 years and for a long time and we prided ourselves on producing the highest quality aluminium automotive accessories to a strict standard.   We would put our products to the test as we built them to make sure they would do the job and make the grade. We had a shorty Landcruiser which Max always had trouble parking.The old MAX Alloy test vehicle

Back then we said. " What makes our products great is the quality of the materials we use and the care we take in putting it together" and hey, who else used stainless steel bolts?  Now it's 20 years since we kicked off Manufactured Alloy Xtras and now the whole Brown family is involved and we still live by what we said back then.

Over the years we have diversified into other  products with  alloy trays being the biggest part of our business now due to the high demand for custom designs and fitouts. And what makes our products that much better than imported products?

  • We build from scratch
  • With our own hands
  • And manufacture on the premises
  • To produce a product to the customer’s needs.
  • We can also repair our trays as we a full stock of spare parts & alloy sections.
  • We offer in house fitting on all racks & trays.

Try getting that sort of customer focus elsewhere!

Come & see Max & gang at Manufactured Alloy, the one who runs, owns the store, we can all help you out  & even have a laugh or too.