Custom Alloy Trays

Manufactured to the highest quality for fit and finish, our very own custom-built trays feature a variety of options and styles to suit a huge range of vehicles. Available in Black or Zinc. MAX Alloy uses only the best quality materials - even down to stainless steel nuts and bolts! And that's because we didn't like the way the zinc bolts were looking after a few months in the weather!

You can just purchase a tray from our range of Series 1 and 2 and Deluxe Trays or you can use that as the basis of your own personalised custom tray that we build for you. Pick from our very comprehensive range of custom options or suggest your own.

All MAX Alloy trays are fully repairable, buit in-house here at our factory and you can even watch your tray being built!
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Series 1 Tray Series 2 Tray Deluxe Tray

Tray Accessories

We have a range of add-on accessories to suit all our trays from our Budget Series 1 right through to the Deluxe model.


You can see more on our
Tray Accessories Photo Gallery page.


Our Fleet trays are heavy duty and 100 % Aussie made and with our  Fleet tray you get a lot of value!

Both the Series 1 and 2 get  double skinned gates with tie off points on the internal of the gates.  They come with 4 eye bolts and the floor is rated at 2 to 2 ½ tonne and headboard can either be 63mm or 73mm diameter.  The Series 1 tray has a mill finish and the Series 2 Fleet tray has black external inserts, black powder coated hinges, pins & angles which keep the tray looking  good all year round.

These trays are perfect for tradies and you can have them as a plain installation or get us to customise them specifically to fit what you need to do.  We can always supply you with spare parts & any modifications you may need 5 days a week.

Have a look at our Series 1 Fleet Tray gallery for more ideas.

Or have a look at our Series 2 Fleet Tray gallery to see what we have done for other customers.


Our Deluxe tray is the top of the range and has all the features of our Budget trays plus a lot more! This tray is a cream of the crop an if you would like to make a good first impression this is the tray for you. It stands out from the rest with it's polished tie rails & head board, top quality fittings and black internal inserts.

Spend a while in our Deluxe Tray gallery to see just how good they look!